Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dodging the Bullet

Sometimes the biggest disappointments in life come in the shape of people. Nothing quite takes us by surprise as a person letting you down or disappointing you. I don't even mean in terms of our personal expectation, because, come on, that one is on us, if we actually expected something to turn out a certain way. As the age old wisdom goes ' expectation leads disappointment'.

I'm rather referring to situations where, you are suddenly bombarded with the reality of a person. That moment when you realize everything you believed them to be is somehow not true. When you expected better from them, not for yourself but because you truly believed they were great people. Those situations which changes your entire perspective of a person and you realize that the version you know of them or saw was a facade of sorts. Because you wouldn't under any other circumstance believed that to be true of them, for them to 'that kind of a person' but because you have no choice but accept the bitter reality since the truth is right in front of your face and its undeniable.

That is true disappointment.

 But it may also be liberation.

Dodging of an emotional bullet.

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